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Proof of the Broker Advantage

Data shows that homebuyers can save an average of $9,000 by working with an independent mortgage broker. Don't let anyone overpay again.



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Hear from the Godfather of Wholesale  


Register for the Broker Advantage Webinar with Homepoint's CEO, Willie Newman, as he discusses the latest data and the importance of brokers in the industry. 

We've discovered even more reasons why brokers are better

You already know that brokers provide the best options for consumers — and now we have additional data points to prove brokers are better.


Borrowers save an average of $9K with a broker

In 2021 the average borrower savings was $9,407 between upfront cost savings and interest savings. 


Minority borrowers save even more money 

Minority borrowers saved an average of $10,424 when using a broker compared to a retail nonbank in 2021. 


Wholesale lenders  serve more minority borrowers

30% of wholesale loans served minority borrowers. Comparitively, only 18% of retail nonbank loans served minority households. 

The past no longer holds wholesale back

Wholesale loan quality is now consistent or better than retail. In the years since the economic crisis of 2008, default rates remain consistent between channels. Changes made to processes post crisis have resulted in a convergence in performance between retail and wholesale originations.

Did you know?

Despite the benefits brokers provide borrowers, loans from the wholesale channel are subject to an agency surcharge of ~15 basis points.​

We're taking action. You can too.

Homepoint, along with others, is addressing the TPO surcharge in place by the FHFA. The proof of the broker advantage is also proof that the elimination of the surcharge would benefit customers. Join us!

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